Where Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's Marriage Stands Amid Counseling

'Marriage counseling has been a huge part of how they are trying to work things out,' a source tells ET.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still working on their marriage. A source tells ET that the longtime couple has had "their ups and downs, as they always have had, but they are still doing their best to make it work."

"Marriage counseling has been a huge part of how they are trying to work things out, and so far, it’s gone fairly well," the source says Spelling and McDermott, who are parents to Liam, 16, Stella, 14, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, 6. McDermott is also dad to Jack, 24, from a previous relationship.

"Their kids are doing well," the source says. "Everyone is doing their best to keep things afloat and live a life that’s as normal as possible and trying to stay happy."

Rumors of marital problems between Spelling and McDermott have been circulating for years. McDermott didn't appear in the family's 2020 Christmas card, and then, a few months later, Spelling was spotted without her wedding ring.

In May 2021, neither Spelling nor McDermott acknowledged their 15th anniversary on social media. The next month, Spelling revealed that she was sleeping in a separate room from her husband.

Months later, a source told ET that the couple was "very much struggling" in their marriage.

"Tori and Dean do things as a family for the sake of their kids and live in the same house but sleep in separate rooms. Tori is more vocal about what goes on between them, and Dean is just completely checked out," the source said of the actor, who has publicly admitted to cheating on Spelling in the past.

"Dean has been caught in so many lies and infidelities over the years and Tori is just over it," the source said. "Dean does not want to get divorced because of financial reasons, and Tori doesn't want to for the sake of their family."

McDermott was missing from the family's 2021 Christmas card and spent New Year's Eve apart from his family. In early 2022, a source gave ET an update on the couple's relationship.

"Tori and Dean are still going through a rough patch and a tough space. It's been difficult for them," the source said. "Things aren't great between them, but they are still attempting to work things out for the sake of their kids."

When ET spoke to Spelling in October, she opened up about how, after years in the spotlight, she's learned to have thick skin amid public chatter about her marriage.

“I learned at a young age to be like, 'OK, just keep going, just keep going,'" she said. "So I feel like I'm dead inside. No, I'm just kidding. Just have really thick skin. It still gets to you, of course, you're human, but you learn to build up a resistance I think."