Tori Spelling on Recent Reunion With Mom Candy and Brother Randy: 'Life's Too Short' (Exclusive)

The 'Beverly Hills, 90120' star dished on the time she spent with her mother and brother.

Tori Spelling, her mother, Candy and brother, Randy all had a special night out. Last month, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star shared a picture from their family dinner. Now, Spelling is elaborating on the caption, which some people thought was their first time together in 20 years. 

“A lot of people were like, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn't realize the three of you were, like, not together. This is like reuniting.’ I was like, 'Oh no, did I phrase it wrong?' I meant that just the three of us have not had dinner in 20 years because it was always, like, with our families,” the Love at First Lie: Who’s a Couple and Who’s a Con? host tells ET’s Rachel Smith. 

“My brother is married with two kids, I have five kids,” she says. “So, it's always family stuff. But just the three of us, like, adult time. It was so special. It was my mom’s birthday and my brother lives in Portland, and he has not come to L.A. since pre-COVID. He hasn't flown, so he surprised her. She had no idea he was coming.” 

Spelling said her brother’s surprise was perfect for her mom after not seeing her son for three years.  

“She showed up at the restaurant and it was the two of us,” she says. “It was really special.”  

Having the time with her family also put things into perspective. “It's so important and I feel like life is too short and we forget that,” Spelling says. “I think because life keeps going and so you say to yourself, ‘I gotta make plans with this person, I gotta make an effort,' and then you don't because your life keeps going. And it's important now to really take that time and I think I'm finally starting to get that.” 

Spelling also shares that her and Randy's children have it made when it comes to their “glam-ma.” In addition to being a great mother, Spelling says Candy is just as fun as a grandmother. 

“She’s definitely fun,” she says. “She spoils the kids and she's like that funny grandma. They just adore her. She's a cool grandma. She knows everything. She'll teach them about, like, her jewelry and her Hermes bags.” 

Outside of her family, Spelling has had her fair share of experience when it comes to navigating relationships, and the Love at First Lie host is back at it again with the upcoming reality dating competition show, telling ET that she knows just how to sort through the noise. 

“Tough, thick skin,” she says. “I think just being in the business. I started when I was 16 and had no idea what was going to come along with it and just it was more negative than positive at first. That was before people actually saw celebrities, so you didn't get to know them through reality TV or, you know, I was able to write a book.” 

“I learned at a young age to be like, ‘OK, just keep going, just keep going,’" she adds. "So I feel like I'm dead inside. No, I'm just kidding. Just have really thick skin. It still gets to you of course, you're human, but you learn to build up a resistance I think.” 

Love at First Lie: Who’s a Couple and Who’s a Con? premieres Oct. 12 on MTV.