Tour the New, Ultra-Luxe ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Yacht (Exclusive)

Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson onboard the Talisman Maiton.
Zev Schmitz / Bravo

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier and bosun Conrad Empson lead ET on an exclusive tour through the new boat, Talisman Maiton.

Say, ‘Ciao!’ to the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean!

Only ET can give you a first look inside the new yacht for season three, Talisman Maiton, which will travel all over the scenic Italian coast this charter. Chief stew Hannah Ferrier and bosun Conrad Empson take us on an exclusive tour of the boat, starting with the main salon, where -- according to Hannah -- “the guests do a lot of their drinking and partying and annoying us stewardesses. Naturally this is where you find the ship’s main bar. The room also features lacquered wood paneled walls, complemented by creme and yellow accents throughout.

Just beyond the main salon is the main formal dining room, though Hannah says it goes mostly unused. The only time she and her crew seat guests inside is when “the weather is s**t outside.” Behind the dining room is the galley, which is separate from Hannah’s personal stew pantry. That puts a nice buffer between her and chef Adam Glick; fans will remember their contentious relationship from last season.

Then, it’s downstairs to the crew area, which features the laundry room, crew cabins and what might be the biggest crew mess we’ve ever seen on Below Deck Mediterranean.

“We actually have a dining table that can hold more than four people!” Hannah exclaims.

From the crew quarters, Hannah and Conrad take us into the guest cabins, which Hannah describes as spacious, nice and “not as gaudy” as guest rooms from past yachts. The experience aboard Talisman is especially luxurious, because every guest cabin features its own bathtub. All in all, there are five cabins: a master suite, two double bedrooms and two single bedrooms.

The master is especially impressive, with a flat screen TV, a marble bathroom and, yes, even a mirror on the ceiling for, well, we’ll leave that up to your imagination. Just outside the guest rooms is the area that’s “keeping [Hannah’s] sanity” this charter season, her stew pantry, where she can prepare items for guests and get a moment of “me time” all in one.

Next, it’s on to the upper salon, which Hannah calls “a great place to mingle and have a laugh.” It’s seemingly also Hannah’s favorite place for guests to hang out, because it’s the room closest to her pantry, which means she doesn’t have to travel too far with cocktails. The upper salon sits just behind the bridge, which is where Captain Sandy Yawn drives the boat.

The final leg of our tour takes us outside, starting with the foredeck, which Conrad describes as the “main part of being on deck.” Here you’ll find the anchor and the bow, which features storage lockers for drinks, boat supplies and “toys” for the guests, including jet skis. As Hannah notes, this is the first boat we’ve seen on Below Deck Med that doesn’t feature storage throughout the vessel. Instead, it’s all in one spot. Beyond the bow is the bridge forward, which is supposed to be a guest area, but is hardly used by the guests. Instead, it’s become a sort-of secondary crew mess.

Then, it’s onto the bridge deck aft, where Hannah and her stews do breakfast, lunch and dinner service, weather permitting. Hannah jokes that her “a** is getting a workout this season,” because she has to take 30 stairs from the galley up to the outdoor dining table. The bridge deck aft is also where the crew set up the “dreaded slide,” the giant toy that launches the guests into the water for a little fun.

Moving on, Conrad shows us the sun deck, where the guests spend most of their time on the boat. The sun deck features oversized lounge seating, making it the perfect spot to relax, snack and sunbathe. This is also where you’ll find the yacht’s jacuzzi and stairs up to the observation deck, which features a secondary lounge for guests with amazing views.

Experience Talisman for yourself on season three of Below Deck Mediterranean, premiering Tuesday, May 15, at 9 p.m. ET.