Travis Barker Takes Fans Inside His Home Life With Kourtney Kardashian

The drummer lives in Calabasas, California, just blocks away from wife Kourtney Kardashian.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are living their best life in style. The 46-year-old musician opens the doors to his home in Calabasas, California, for an Architectural Digest feature -- and the abode is truly tranquil.

Barker takes AD inside of the "zen" home which he shares with his three children, Landon Barker, Alabama Barker and Atiana De La Hoya, revealing the inspiration behind his style.

"The vibe of this room -- and my house really -- is zen," he says as he welcomes cameras into his living room. "When I come home from tours or long nights in the studio, a place to rest my head."

While Barker and Kardashian -- who legally wed last weekend -- don't currently share this home together, it was Kris Jenner who suggested the Blink-182 drummer contact designer Waldo Fernandez to help him decorate his home. "I loved the simplicity and zen quality of his work," Barker shares. "We connected immediately."

Fernandez tells AD of Barker's style, “Travis wasn’t looking for a major statement or any kind of caricatured rock-star style. He wanted a home that would allow him to think and be at peace with himself.” 

Kardashian's kids -- Mason, Penelope, and Reign -- also served as inspiration for the house. "I’ve had homes with lots of flashy cars, murals, and bikes hanging from the ceiling. But with three children of my own, plus Kourtney’s kids, this place felt right for this moment in my life," he explains. "I wanted a house where I can rest and enjoy my family, a place where we can create memories."

Eventually, Barker and Kardashian will combine their things and live under one roof, but he says there's no rush as they spend time together regardless of living arrangements. "Kourtney has a great house a block away from here," he notes. "Right now I’m just planning to convert my home studio into a bunk room so her kids are comfortable here. In the future, I suppose we’ll wait to find something better than what we have. Wherever we end up, we feel incredibly blessed and grateful."

In the video tour, Barker shares what a Sunday is like for the blended family. "We like to sit down on Sundays and just talk and put our phones away and eat delicious vegan food," he says.

"It was important for us to have a big table that could fit our entire family," Barker added as he walked around the table noting where everyone sits. 

Barker even shows off candles given to him by Kardashian "way before" they were a couple. As Barker enters his lavish kitchen, Kardashian is seated on top of the counter drinking a matcha that he made her. 

Other important rooms in Barker's house include a living room with a giant fireplace where the pair and their kids spent New Year's Eve playing games last year, and, of course, an entertainment room with a ping-pong table and "cool art."

Inside his bedroom, Barker has art painted by Kardashian, Penelope, and photos of his children. He also kept roses from the day he proposed to Kardashian.

Outside of the home, Baker's backyard is adorned with a beautiful dining space and a picturesque pool for the family to enjoy. "All my kids learned how to swim in this pool," Barker reveals. "We have, like, the best memories here."

For more on Kardashian and Barker's family life, watch the video below.