Travis Scott and Live Nation Have Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Them After Fatal Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott and Live Nation are facing several lawsuits after the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, turned tragic on Friday.

Travis Scott and Live Nation are facing several lawsuits after the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, turned tragic on Friday, leaving eight people dead and hundreds injured, according to multiple reports.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Houston law firm Roberts Markland LLP filed seven lawsuits, all claiming both Scott and Live Nation failed to provide adequate security and a security plan to protect attendees. The outlet reports that while attorney Sean Roberts is listed in the lawsuits, famed attorney Benjamin Crump -- who most recently represented the family of the late George Floyd -- is also representing victims.

Previously, concertgoers Manuel Souza and Kristian Paredes filed lawsuits against Scott and Live Nation. According to court documents obtained by ET, Paredes -- who is also suing Drake, who performed on Friday night alongside Scott -- was at the front of the general admission section and the only thing separating the general admission section and the VIP section was a metal barrier. 

"As Travis Scott's performance started shortly after 9 p.m., when the countdown on stage ended, Kristian Paredes felt an immediate push," the court documents state. "The crowd became chaotic and a stampede began leaving eight dead and dozens including Kristian severely injured. Many begged security guards hired by Live Nation Entertainment for help, but were ignored."

"The occurrence here in was due to the negligence, carelessness and recklessness of the defendants, their agents, servants and employees, in the ownership, management, maintenance, operation, supervision, and the control of the subject premises," the court documents also state.

The eight deaths at Astroworld were confirmed by Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Pena on Friday night during a press conference. Pena said that 300 concertgoers were treated at a hospital that was set up at the music festival at Houston's NRG Park, while 17 people -- 11 who were in cardiac arrest -- had been taken to a local hospital. 

"At approximately 9 or 9:15 p.m., the crowd began to compress toward the front of the stage, and that caused some panic and it started causing some injuries," Pena said. "People began to fall out and become unconscious, and that created additional panic. People were getting injured."

In a statement, Scott said he was "devastated."

"I am absolutely devastated by what took place last night," the 30-year-old rapper tweeted. "My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival. Houston PD has my total support as they continue to look into the tragic loss of life. I am committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need. Thanks you to Houston PD, Fire Department and NRG Park for their support. Love you all."

In an emotional Instagram Story he also shared, "I just want to send out prayers to the ones that was lost last night. You know, my fans really mean the world to me and I always just really want to leave them with a positive experience. Anytime I could make out anything that's going on, I stop the show and help them get the help they need. I'm honestly just devastated and I could never imagine anything like this happening." 

Live Nation also shared in a statement, "Heartbroken for those lost and impacted at Astroworld last night. We will continue working to provide as much information and assistance as possible to the local authorities as they investigate the situation."

Variety reports that Scott is providing refunds for anyone who bought tickets to Astroworld. The outlet also reports that Scott will no longer be headlining this weekend's Day N Vegas Festival at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds that was scheduled for Saturday. 



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