TruFusion Fitness Experts Mike Borden, Caitlyn Weiss and Melvyn Myles Share Summer Body Tips

TruFusion's Mike Borden, Caitlyn Weiss and Melvin Myles tell ET their advice for staying motivated at the gym.

Get ready to hit the gym! TruFusion fitness studio opened a new location in Los Angeles, California, and to celebrate, Founder Mike Borden, Executive Vice President Caitlyn Weiss, and West Hollywood General Manager Melvyn Myles, are telling ET their summer body secrets.

The premier boutique fitness franchise offers over 240 unique fusion workout classes per week, including Heated and Unheated Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Barefoot Bootcamp, Cycle, Kettlebell, Battle Ropes, Boxing, Circuit, and TRX, that all include the core principles of Yoga.

The studio also features special details including a Himalayan salt wall, lighting installations, an infinity mirror, and more. 


Before signing up for a class, Borden suggests making a plan that you can stick to. "Outlining your goals is the first step. ... Once you know your 'why' the pathway to get started will be much clearer. ... Starting a routine requires motivation, intention, and discipline," he says.  

"Create a realistic schedule, and add a ton of variety to your fitness routine to keep your workouts exciting and to ensure that you're maximizing results on every part of your body," he continues.

Weiss shares a similar sentiment and suggests carving out specific time for self-care. "Schedule time for you. As mom of two young ones, I can’t always make the five classes a week I would like, but I always commit to three classes," she notes.
If you need extra motivation, Weiss and Myles recommend working out with a workout buddy or personal trainer. "When someone else is expecting you to show up, it’s harder to cancel," she explains. 

"We all had to start somewhere and all have had struggles during the journey. ... Having a trainer has been one of the best experiences for holding me accountable, ensuring I'm doing my workouts properly, keeping my workouts interesting and different, and keeping me from hitting plateaus or becoming bored with my workouts," Myles adds.


The two also believe in focusing on yourself and your own fitness journey throughout your workouts. "Walk in, show up for you and don’t worry about how you think you look. These classes are challenging enough that no one is watching you unless they are being inspired by you," Weiss shares. 

Myles' advice: "Try not to compare yourself to others that you see in the gym or fitness pages. Understand where you are at today and have a clear, obtainable goal of where you want to be." 

Once you've gotten into the swing of things, Borden says getting a sweat in multiple times a week is key. "Four to five times per week is the sweet spot. It helps members get into the regular habit of making fitness and wellness a part of their lifestyle. Our variety of classes allow members to have a balanced routine."  

Upon leaving a TruFusion class, Borden wants guests to feel like their best selves. "I hope that our members feel empowered and proud of their accomplishments after leaving our studio, and like they’ve invested in themselves, and put a deposit in their physical, mental and spiritual bank account," he says.


For days that you can't make it into the gym, Borden urges people to make time for movement through small changes in their everyday lives. 

"Health and wellness have helped me stay focused and it's given me the motivation to go outside of my comfort zone in other disciplines. ... Finding a way to be active in your everyday life is imperative. If the weather allows it, walk or cycle to your destination instead of driving. Break your long periods of sitting if you have a sedentary job. Do simple exercises or stretches at home when you're watching TV," he advises. 

TruFusion West Hollywood is located at 900 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036, and offers a variety of membership pricing options.