Tyler Florence: 'Great' Gets Greater


Last year, The Food Network gassed up the traditional culinary competition by setting eight teams loose on America in hopes of winning $50,000 on The Great Food Truck Race. But for their second season, the prize money isn't the only element getting a boost, according to host Tyler Florence. "This year is so good," the chef tells ETonline. "The drama is just unbelievable because the owners of these trucks so hungry to win. We have such wildly aggressive, very talented, really competitive people that will stop at nothing because there are no rules to the show."

For the uninitiated, Great Food Truck Race pits eight teams against one another on a cross-country cooking competition, with the last truck standing driving away with $100,000 -- A prize that truly brought out everyone's A game.

"These contestants followed every episode last season, knew exactly where those teams screwed up and developed a strategy to counter that. Basically they used season one as a road map," Florence tells ETonline, explaining that the strategy led to record-setting earnings. "The profits these teams earned is insane. Nom Nom Truck (last year's runners-up) won every round but one with numbers that would have gotten them eliminated this year!"

Get a sneak peek of the premiere episode and tune in for the full episode, August 14 at 10 p.m. on The Food Network!