Kutcher's Killer 'Men' Cave


Charlie Harper's Malibu beach house isn't the only new digs Ashton Kutcher will be moving into now that he's joined the cast of Two and a Half Men -- the actor is also setting up shop inside an uber-luxurious Anderson Mobile Estate (the same company Will Smith snagged his Men In Black 3 trailer from) on the set of CBS' hit sitcom!

Boasting seven 60-inch 3D plasma TVs, two bathrooms, a full bedroom, a working kitchen, a conference area and more than 1,000 square feet spread across two floors, the Anderson Mobile Estate basically allows Kutcher to streamline the operation and run his entire company out of one centralized hub. The price tag for all this luxury is $8,750 a week!

Check out all the photos to see just what CBS is getting for its money!