Nancy Grace Will Deny Nip Slip to The 'Grave'


The big hubbub following Monday night's Dancing with the Stars was without a doubt centered around what we may or may not have seen of former prosecutor and talk show host Nancy Grace. Despite adamant eyewitness reports to the contrary, Nancy swears on her life that she did not expose herself on national television.

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"That did not happen," begins Nancy in earnest. "That's the story I am taking to my grave. There was NO nip slip. That's gonna be on my gravestone. It didn't happen!"

Despite a persistent denial the incident ever took place, Nancy admits to securing her goods with extra precaution for Tuesday night's show. Grace tells Entertainment Tonight that in addition to "an industrial-strength bra," she now wears a second bra "sewn into" the costume with "petals" to seal the deal. "I think I'm safe as long as I don't do any backward dips."

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Watch the video to hear more from Nancy as well as Carson Kressley's take on the supposed "Nipplegate" incident, plus more from the contestants on their plans for next week's routine.

Don't miss an-all new episode of Dancing with the Stars next Monday on ABC.

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