Nancy Grace on Unleashing Her Inner Sexy


Nancy Grace is set to reveal her sexier side while performing the hip-swaying rumba on tonight's Dancing with the Stars.

Nancy told ET during rehearsals last week that her achy body won't stop her from getting into the spirit of the sensual rumba, which is to be performed in conjunction with an '80s theme. The TV legal analyst said she's got a secret weapon to help unleash her inner sexy: "I'm having a meeting with Dr. Ruth and she's going to help me work through bringing my sexy out."

Nancy said her plan is to have her pro partner Tristan MacManus perform the routine in satin hot pants, roller skates and a headband in keeping with the '80s theme. "This is the reason I do not listen to Nancy," Tristan joked.

When asked whether he thinks the competition has become a popularity contest, Tristan said it naturally starts out that way. But he added that as time goes on, people appreciate the couples who are truly working hard week after week. "And I think the whole premise of the show is to see people improve as they go on."

Watch the video to see Nancy and Tristan show off some of their new dance moves and be sure to catch the all-new episode of Dancing with the Stars tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.