'Once Upon A Time' 2012 Sneak Peek


Once Upon A Time's mid-season finale left fans' jaws on the floor thanks to a pair of revelations -- both of which involved Regina Mills a.k.a. The Evil Queen.

In the Storybrooke timeline we not only learned that Regina was fully aware of everyone's story book background, but that she still retained all of her magical powers. A fact Graham learned the hard way when his heart, which The Evil Queen had previously stolen, was literally crushed by Regina.

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"The reveal of [Regina's] vault is a very important thing for us," co-creator Edward Kitsis told EW.com. "We wanted to send a very clear message that Regina knows what's going on and has some very clear intentions in Storybrooke."

Plans that do not include Emma Swan as you can see in this sneak peek clip from OUAT's mid-season premiere, which features Emma and Regina facing off over Graham's Sheriff badge.

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"Graham died trying to free himself from the pocket of the mayor," co-creator Adam Horowitz says. "Therefore, [Emma is] not going to let that badge go to anyone but her. And I think the badge becomes her emotional connection to Graham."

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Watch a sneak peek above and tune in to Once Upon A Time's mid-season premiere January 8 at 8 p.m. on ABC.