William Levy & Cheryl Burke React to Blunder


William Levy and Cheryl Burke have been at the top of the Dancing with the Stars pack but weren't able to follow up last week's high score of 28 due to a mid-dance blunder that resulted in their lowest score (22) so far. The two talked to ET about the incident backstage after the show.

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"My shoe fell off...[and] everything went downhill from there...[William] stepped on my shoe [and] my foot came out," she recounted, later revealing that it was the first time in her dancing career that her shoe had fallen off during a performance.

Her partner, William Levy, revealed that it took him a little while to identify what the object that was on the floor was. "I saw something weird going around her but I wasn't trying to really look at [it]," he said, then demonstrating his surprised reaction.

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While Levy and Burke's low score will put them on the hot seat during the results show, they will be joined by their fellow dancers Sherri Shepherd and Gladys Knight, who received the lowest marks on the night.

"Whatever opinions [the judges] have, I always accept them," said Knight, who scored a night-low 20 points. "That's what they see, that's what they feel, and that's what they're there to do. I don't try to--in return--judge them for what they give me."

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Sherri Shepherd had similar lighthearted comments about the judges but jokingly claimed that Carrie Ann is ruining her acting career by commenting that Shepherd was "expressionless."

"This is what I do. I act," The View co-host said. "That is the worst thing you could [say]. That's like telling Gladys Knight, 'You can't sing'...I don't even know how to do 'expressionless.'"

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