'Five-0' Joins 'NCIS: LA' to Thwart Deadly Virus


The casts of Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles met up to film a crossover event and for the first time, the Hawaiian-based crew teams up with their NCIS counterparts to join forces to fight a deadly virus threat in Los Angeles. 

VIDEO: 'NCIS: LA' Teams Up with 'Hawaii Five-0'!

"In L.A...they're on a real stage and [it] feels a little more official," Five-0's Scott Caan said of the difference between shooting on the two locations. "Here we're just slightly a little more guerilla."

Caan also pointed out that the LA cast members seem to have an extra hop in their step that the Five-0 guys didn't. "Not to say that we work hard, I just think we grind a little bit more and they seem to have a little bit more fun," he observed.

NCIS: LA star LL Cool J pointed out the obvious perks of filming the crossover episode in a paradise-like place. "Traveling from NCIS: Los Angeles, coming all the way over to Hawaii, it's amazing. It's like a vacation. They have a great crew, a great cast, a lot of fun and I think that the transition and crossover is pretty seamless."

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Although their work attitudes may be different, the cast of the two shows both said that they enjoyed the other's company and got along well from the onset. "Their whole set was welcoming," Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim said. "They welcomed us with open arms and we laughed and hung out and just got on really easy from the start."

Watch the video for the full behind-the-scenes look at the crossover episodes and don't miss the finished product on tonight's all-new installment ofNCIS: Los Angeles at 9 p.m. on CBS.