Finale Secrets: Is This the End of 'CSI:NY'?


Is this the end of detective Mac Taylor on CSI:NY? Is tonight's CSI:NY episode the season finale, or the series finale? Spoilers ahead!

Gary Sinise is on the ET set with Chris Jacobs to reveal secrets from the CSI:NY season finale, which finds Gary's character getting shot during a drug robbery gone bad.

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"He does a lot of reflecting throughout the episode about things that have happened to him," says Gary, "and relationships that he has with all the people that he's worked with."

So, the final nail in the coffin for CSI:NY, or not? The show is in limbo for now, and the cast and crew are not sure if they're coming back. Gary says of this season finale episode, "We had to write it in such a way that if we were done, if the eighth season was our finish, it could also be a nice closure and resolution to the series."

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The actual fate of the series will be revealed next week, when CBS stages its 2012-13 upfront presentation for advertisers.

Gary adds that if the show does indeed come back, there may be love in his character's future: "He's also developing an outside-the-office relationship with somebody -- a character named Christine, who's played by Megan Dodds. For being on the show eight years and [being] a workaholic all the time, you wonder what some of these characters do besides work. Anything can happen in season nine. I hope we get a chance to come back and show the audience."

Stay tuned, CSI: NY fans!The CSI:NY finale airs tonight at 9/8c on CBS.