Maynard's Search for Love Continues in Bermuda


Maynard's Search for Love Continues in Bermuda

Emily Maynard and her thirteen remaining suitors left Charlotte, North Carolina forever and hit the sandy shores of Bermuda to begin the international leg of Emily's quest to find her perfect suitor.

To begin, Doug is granted his very first one-on-one date, a shopping excursion through the streets of St. George with Emily, wherein the single parents bonded over their little ones. Midway through, Emily declared Doug and his "perfect answers" to be a bit too good to be true, drawing comparisons to her ill-fated former flame, Brad Womack. When grilled about his possible imperfections, her date supplied her with somewhat unsatisfactory answers, but when the tables were turned and she was forced to supply her own faults, Emily realized her mistake in putting her date on the spot and apologized. The date ended on a happy note with Emily sending a sweet postcard to Doug's son Austin, thanking him for letting her borrow some time with his dad.

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For the group date, eight of the guys took to the sea in teams of four to score a few hours with Emily that night. Arie, Ryan, Kalon, Jef and Travis ultimately triumph, earning a moonlit evening with the woman of the hour. Despite their lack of physical intamacy, Emily found Jef to be the most deserving of the four, and granted him the coveted stem.

Next, John and Nate braved the dreaded two-on-one date, testing their already scattered nerves with an exhilarating cliff dive into the ocean before dinner. The three found it somewhat difficult to get over the discomfort of a three-way date, and both suitors declare a loss of appetite. The two however soon relax when isolated into pairs. Ultimately, Emily bestowed her rose to John, telling Nate she doesn't see a future with him.

Leading up to the final rose ceremony, tensions start to build as the guys come to a consensus that Ryan isn't in the competition for the right reasons. In a private moment, he confirms the other's suspicions, fantasizing to Michael about becoming the next Bachelor.

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In a surprising turn of events Emily confides to host Chris Harrison that she is not in the dark regarding Ryan, telling Chris she finds her suitor to be a bit "manipulative." Despite this, she decides to keep him around for the next leg of the competition, which will take place in London, England.

Michael and Charlie are sent packing this episode, and both men leave the ceremony in tears.

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