Can 'Push Girl''s Auti Have Children?


Auti Angel has beaten the odds many times in her life, most notably by surviving a car crash and then reviving her dancing career despite being in a wheelchair. However, she is faced with a biological obstacle when she and her husband are planning to become parents, as seen in ETonline's exclusive sneak peek of Push Girls.

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Due to Auti's complex situation centered upon her paralysis from the waist down, she and her husband, Eric, take a trip to a fertility doctor's office to examine the viability of Auti having a successful pregnancy given her age (42) and physical condition.

As the doctor explains the complications and risks of Auti having a child as a paraplegic, she and her husband seems to grow weary at the prospect of having children.

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The odds may be against her and she may be at a higher health risk if she becomes pregnant, but what will she and her husband conclude after visiting the fertility doctor?

Find out when the full episode of Push Girls airs on Monday at 10 p.m. on Sundance Channel.