Oops! 'Bachelorette''s Arie Hints at Engagement


Racecar driver Arie's mouth was running a mile a minute Friday morning on a conference call with ETonline. The adrenaline rush may have gotten the best of him by possibly accidentally dropping a major Bachelorette bombshell.

When prompted if he'd be interested in starring as the next Bachelor, he responded, "My fiancé might not approve of that." Is this a foreshadowing of things to come? Is he engaged to Emily Maynard? To another lucky girl? Or, is this a ploy to send the media into a frenzy and he's actually still an eligible bachelor?

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In the conversation, Arie prepared us for this upcoming Monday's episode, which he labeled as a "turning point" in their budding relationship. "I break the rules this week to make sure she knows that," he teased. The riskiest move on Arie's part would undoubtedly be a proposal ahead of the finale, which is still weeks away. "I don't think that would happen this soon," he said.

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So, what is their status now? "I still feel, as I did on the show, that we have a connection that sets us apart from everybody… [My feelings are] still as strong as they were when I was on the show."

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Of course the chat also turned to the Kalon drama that erupted and if Arie regretted not confronting Emily on his own free will about the "baggage" comment, allowing Doug to do the dirty work. "I wanted to absorb every moment with her. I wanted to use it talking about us and our future. I didn't want to dwell on the drama in the house. That's the standpoint I took," he explained. "Unfortunately, she looked to me to stand up for her. She handled it so well. She said the perfect thing to him."

Are we prematurely jumping to conclusions and reading between the lines? So many cliffhangers left dangling from this interview. He left us with more questions than answers on whether he pops the question. Only time will tell the truth as the story unfolds each Monday night on ABC.