Cryer: Miley Cyrus is 'Perfect Sitcom Performer'

Cryer: Miley Cyrus is 'Perfect Sitcom Performer'

Ten years ago, Jon Cryer could have never predicted many things for Two and a Half Men--the show's ten-season duration, Charlie Sheen's exit and the resulting addition of Ashton Kutcher, his two Emmys, and that one day Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus would be a guest star on the show.

As Cryer gears up for Two and a Half Men's upcoming tenth season, he revealed his experience with guest star Miley Cyrus, who will appear on the show's fourth episode this season. While all eventually went according to plan, he admitted that he had his doubts that she could execute her role.

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"She was great, but she wasn't great right away," the recently Emmy-awarded actor said. "She was on-book for the whole week up until [the last minute]...and she was not worried...I was like 'Ah! This is going to be a nightmare.' They had a dinner break, [and] by the end of the dinner break she was off-book and perfect."

Cryer marveled at her ability to quickly nail her lines under time constraints and came to the conclusion that all her years acting in her own Disney sitcom had turned her into a sitcom superstar.

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"That's when I realized that Miley Cyrus was actually engineered in the Disney labs to be the perfect sitcom performer and she is just living that life right now," Cryer said, only slightly facetiously.

In her upcoming cameo, Cyrus plays the daughter of a friend of Ashton Kutcher's character, and becomes a love interest to Angus T. Jones' character after staying in their home. Now in his second season, Kutcher talked about the altered dynamics of the show.

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"I feel like the first four episodes that we've shot this year are as good, if not better, than any show that we shot last year," he evaluated. "There was a lot of plot and design to figure out 'How are we introducing the new guy?' and all the stuff that we did last season, and this season I feel like we're just having fun."

Check out the video above for a sneak peek at this season of Two and a Half Men, which premieres Thursday (Sept. 27) at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.