'Homeland' Stars Cover TV Guide Magazine

TV Guide Magazine

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis cover this week's TV Guide Magazine and we have your first look at the special Homeland issue which boasts "exclusive intel" regarding season two of the addictive Showtime drama.

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Sunday's all-new episode will be a game changer for Carrie Mathison (Danes) and Nicholas Brody (Lewis), reveals the series' executive producer Howard Gordon who teases that, beginning this weekend, "the rest of the season [will explore] a new relationship" between the two leads who carry a complicated dynamic, to say the least.

Gordon adds, "You have to consider the damage that's been left in the wake of the paths they've taken…Redemption will be very hard to come by. It's not going to look like the kind of redemption where they live happily ever after."

Danes, who recently won a Best Actress Emmy for her portrayal of bipolar C.I.A. agent Mathison, also weighs in.

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"It's very profound that she was in fact right all along about Brody," says Danes of the career-halting hunch (and its backlash) which carried over into season two. "She can trust herself again. But then she comes in contact with him. So it's managing her passion for her work and for this man, even though her feelings have been compromised by the ways in which he mistreated her."

For more, head on over to TVGuide.com. You can pick up this issue of TV Guide Magazine when it hits newsstands Thursday, October 18.