Simon on Demi Scuffle: 'She Was Just Annoying'


Simon Cowell's forthright personality has caused friction between him and other talent competition judges for a decade now, and Demi Lovato has had her share of back-and-forth with him this season on The X Factor. After a heated incident this week, Cowell dismissed her as pesky.

"She was just annoying last night because I thought she got a few things wrong [and she] didn't like the criticism, but actually, what I was saying was right," Cowell said of his fellow judge, who is in her first season on the show.

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The 20-year-old first-time reality talent competition judge said that the incident was sincere and not simply a TV ratings ploy. As she revealed, the judges don't have any rehearsals for the show, which sometimes leaves her unprepared.

"None of it's rehearsed. We're not one of those shows. It was definitely real," said Lovato, who hinted that the bickering between her and Cowell continued off camera.

Beyond the squabbling, X Factor hosted its first fan vote on Thursday, which resulted in the ousting of the Over 25s category's Jason Brock. Cowell and Lovato both agreed with America's decision to send him home.

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"I think the right person went home," Lovato said. "There [have] been a couple chances to improve where he was going and it just never clicked. I think there's also room for CeCe (in Lovato's Young Adults category) to improve."

L.A. Reid, who mentors the Over 25s category, had a night of highs and lows. While his group member Tate Stevens was ranked No. 1 on the newly revealed singer rankings, he is now down to two members in his group after Brock's elimination.

"If America sends Jason Brock home, I don't question it," Reid said. "Am I sad to see him go? Absolutely. I think he was very good. He was very entertaining. I enjoyed him while he was here. He gave his best and that's all I could ever ask."

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Check out the video to see Brock's reaction to his elimination. The X Factor continues next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.