Cassadee Pope Makes 'Voice' History


The Voice introduced a few new rules this season, and while The Steal was clearly the buzziest, another rule might end up being the most significant.

Beginning with the Top 12 contestants, iTunes downloads counted as one vote towards their final score if they ranked outside the Top 10. However, if a singer made it into the iTunes Top 10, the show would multiply those sales by 10, giving that contestant a massive bump, almost ensuring their elimination night survival.

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And for the first time since the rule was instituted, tonight will see it implemented as two -- count em, two -- performance singles crossed into the Top 10! Melanie Martinez's cover of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes ranked at number 9 at the time of publish.

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But more amazingly, Cassadee Pope's rendition of Over You has shot to the top spot, securing the coveted iTunes #1 seat! Although given the beautifully heartfelt delivery of the tune, it's no surprise people connected with it so deeply. But what does this mean for the other 8 contestants battling it out to be The Voice? Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to see who is sent packing!