Must (Re)Watch Moment of the Week


Every week, ETonline selects a scene that is so magical, it demands watching, and re-watching, from fans and non-fans alike. This week, that honor goes to Dexter!


All season long, Jennifer Carpenter has been delivering career-best work as her character, Debra Morgan, grappled with the internal conflicts that arose from learning her brother was a serial killer. She was not only forced to come to terms with that unfathomable admission, but decide how to reconcile her position as Lieutenant, her moral compass and her feelings for Dexter given the knowledge of his Dark Passenger.

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As if that wasn't enough emotion for one person to juggle, Debra was backed into a corner during the last half of season seven in attempting to keep Captain LaGuerta (played by Lauren Velez) off Dex's scent when her search for The Bay Harbor Butcher was renewed.

All of those plotlines came to a tension-filled head in the closing minutes of Sunday's season finale as Dexter embraced his serial killer instincts and set out to murder someone who didn't fit Harry's code. Debra, not knowing what emotional horrors awaited her, was forced to choose between her brother and her boss, delivering the pinnacle of Carpenter's season-long performance.

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In the end, Debra took away Dexter's choice and murdered LaGuerta herself! That shock (for the audience, for Dexter and, certainly, for LaGuerta) was followed by a such a powerfully organic full-body breakdown from Carpenter that it should come as no surprise the moment wasn't scripted.

In a post-finale interview, Dexter producer Scott Buck revealed, "We did something very unusual, that we'd never done before. After the scene was essentially finished, we let the cameras roll. It was in that moment that Debra runs to LaGuerta after having shot her. That was not scripted. To me, that was the most overpowering moment. It was difficult to watch."

Difficult? Yes. Beautiful? Certainly. The week's most important TV moment? Without a doubt.