Gosling Calls Up Audience Member on 'Conan'


"I sat in the audience once," Ryan Gosling admits before recruiting a member of the audience to be his "interview buddy" on Thursday night's Conan.

Acknowledging that many people frequent talk shows to get on camera, Gosling, 32, steps off stage and grabs someone from the crowd to fill his seat. Arguably the luckiest woman alive (aside from Gosling's girlfriend Eva Mendes), the Gangster Squad actor proceeds to whisper in her ear some things to say when asked questions by host Conan O'Brien.

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When asked by the late-night host about her hometown, Westminster, Calif., she responds per Gosling's prompts, "I like your suit. Do they make it for men?"

The crowd erupts in laughter as O'Brien, 49, seems caught off guard by the witty remark. "What the hell?! ... No, they don't!"

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Gosling's jabs at the host didn't stop there. Check out the rest of Gosling's interview with O'Brien (including some mentions of his girlfriend), below: