Exclusive First Look: USA's 'Graceland'


ETonline declared USA's Graceland one of 2013's Six Best New Shows, and now we're thrilled to show you why -- thanks to an exclusive teaser that takes you inside the series premiere!

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Created by White Collar's Jeff Eastin, Graceland revolves around a beachside mansion that houses agents from the DEA, the FBI and U.S. Customs as they live together, work together and play together -- but most amazingly of all, the entire thing is based on a true story, which is what attracted Eastin to the project.

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For their part, each actor was drawn to different elements of the show. For Aaron Tveit, he loved that this was not just a procedural cop show, Vanessa Ferlito says she found the interpersonal dynamics between all the agents to juicy to resist and Daniel Sunjata dug how dark the show gets.

All three elements are just part of what makes Graceland a thrilling, intense, unexpected and much-welcome addition to USA's already stellar line-up of shows!

Check out ETonline's exclusive first look video above, and tune in to Graceland this summer on USA!