'Bachelor' Recap: Sean Selects His Final Two


Fresh from last week's hometown dates, Bachelor Sean Lowe whisks his remaining ladies off to the sunny shores of Thailand.

Lindsay is the first of the three to snag some time with the hunky Texan, and the pair uses the opportunity to experience the strange and wondrous delights of an open-air Thai marketplace. Determined to show she's adventurous, Lindsay accepts Sean's challenge to eat an array of bugs on a whim.

Pics-- Meet Sean Lowe's Lucky Ladies!

Proud of his date, Sean invites Lindsay for a romantic dinner and traditional Thai show where Lindsay finally musters the courage to drop the L word on him. Though he doesn't exactly return the same affections, Sean offers her a night in the fantasy suite for some one-on-one time which she accepts.

"You're the best friend that I've been looking for," he gushes to Lindsay, adding that she could definitely be the woman he pictures as his wife down the road.

AshLee is up next, and the twosome decides to hit the waves and explore a dark and dangerous looking cove. Despite her better judgment, a nervous AshLee takes the plunge and the daring decision pays off as they ultimately come face-to-face with a beautiful secluded beach.

After facing her fears, AshLee feels reinforced of her love for Sean who she reveals "literally healed my broken heart." Although both parties express a desire to spend the night in the fantasy suite, Sean wants to make it clear the time would be spent talking and getting to know eachother better rather than something untoward. AshLee eagerly accepts his invitation.

In the suite, AshLee lets it be known exactly which engagement ring she desires, should he propose to her.

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Catherine is the last of the three to join Sean for a date and they set sail across the crystal blue ocean, kissing and swimming during a thunderstorm. Sean asks if Catherine would ever move to Texas with him after the show ends and she says yes, adding that she takes their the commitment seriously enough to relocate from Seattle.

Back on the shore, the elephant in the room is the fantasy suite invitation. A bit terrified, Catherine explains that before she'd met him, she would never have entertained the thought of accepting the invite because of its improper implications, but now realizes that it's merely more time that they can spend together off camera which she wants very much. Sean feels the same way and the two spend the night together.

When it comes time for the final rose ceremony, the significance of this week's dates are not lost on Sean. Not too long ago, the now-Bachelor had his heart broken by Bachelorette Emily Maynard in Curacao just shy of the finale.

Sitting down with Chris Harrison, he tells the host that he is indeed "in love" with an undisclosed lady and, furthermore, believes he's ready to propose.

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The moment of truth arrives and Sean gifts Lindsay and Catherine with a stem. Without saying goodbye to the other ladies, a fuming AshLee storms out to the awaiting car with the Bachelor begging to be heard out. Sean apologizes but it doesn't seem enough for AshLee who bursts into tears on the ride home.

"I thought Sean was the one," she cried. "This wasn't a silly game to me."

Next Monday night on ABC, The Bachelor's jilted girls reunite for Women Tell All. In two weeks, the final two meet Sean's family before the big decision.