ET Exclusive: Chris O'Dowd's 'Moone Boy'


Bridesmaids and Family Tree funnyman Chris O'Dowd has a hilarious new episode premiering exclusively Wednesday on Hulu, and the Irish comic says his coming-of-age series Moone Boy is mostly, but not completely, autobiographical. Watch an exclusive clip!

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"I'm going to say it's 69 percent – always go for 69, it's the funniest number – it's 69 percent autobiographical," he explains. "I grew up on The Wonder Years and I loved that show. I feel like it's a similar kind of tone, but a little bit dirty. Like a dirty Wonder Years."

Produced, written by and starring O'Dowd, Moone Boy follows the slice-of-life adventures of 11-year-old Martin (newcomer David Rawle), the youngest child in the large, loud Moone family – and his imaginary friend, played by O'Dowd.

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The first three episodes of the Hulu exclusive series Moone Boy are available now on Hulu, and the entire season is available on Hulu Plus.