Paging Dr. Franco! James Talks 'Mindy Project'


After becoming an actor, screenwriter, director, author and painter, James Franco will now be practicing medicine ... on television.

The Oscar nominee is returning to the small screen to guest star on FOX's The Mindy Project, playing the doctor who filled in for Mindy while she was away in Haiti.

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In the season two premiere, Mindy is with her minister boyfriend Casey, doing philanthropic work in Port-au-Prince. But when she returns to the hospital, she has a hard time dealing with her popular replacement.

These days fans are more likely to see James in an award-winning movie than a sitcom, and the actor explained what made him take on the role.

"Mindy was very determined to get me on and I was very honored by her interest in me," admitted James, who came to know Mindy on the set of This Is the End. "I also knew that Seth Rogen had been on the show and he said he had a great time."

When determining projects, James says that the vibe he gets from the people he'll be working with is the most important part in making his decision.

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"When somebody shows a lot of enthusiasm who is also very talented, it's almost enough for me to want to work with them," said James.

While he is only scheduled to be in a couple of episodes, would James consider doing more?

"I would love to come back," said James. "We've had such a great time in the past three days, I told them I'd love to come back."

The Mindy Project returns on Tuesday, September 17, at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.