'Dexter' Cast Dishes on Finale, Potential Spin-Off


After eight seasons, Dexter is coming to an end. With only one episode remaining in the crime drama series, the cast previewed the series finale to ET Canada and reflected on what drew audiences to the antiheroic titular character.

"Dexter's going to have to deal with this mess because this has not been a bad dream. It's really happening," said Michael C. Hall, who plays serial killer "Dexter Morgan" on the Showtime series.

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To preserve the secrecy of the finale, the cast was sparing on details for the show's ending episode, but Hall nevertheless cast a little light on what viewers can anticipate from the episode.

"It's a difficult thing to try to say something worth hearing without giving anything away, but somebody's probably going to die," the 42-year-old North Carolina native said.

The cast was mum on the finale not only because they're not prohibited to reveal details but also because they're not certain themselves as to how it ends, as even the cast is kept in the dark on important endings.

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"They don't put the final scenes in our scripts; they don't tell us anything. They keep us completely in the dark," Aimee Garcia ("Jamie Batista") revealed. "They've been even know to shoot alternative endings. They're very 007, CIA about this whole operation."

Despite his violent ways, Dexter, who is a blood spatter pattern analyst in his legitimate profession, became a well-liked character over the seasons. The cast explained why they believe a serial killer could be perceived as likeable in spite of his vice.

"Dexter's eliminated the kind of people that people typically want eliminated," said James Remar ("Harry Morgan"). "...He's taking out the trash. He sees him[self] doing a service, and secretly people want to do that themselves, I think, so it's kind of a guilty pleasure."

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Hall dittoed Remar's thoughts but added that he thinks "people like being given permission to identify with someone who on paper is reprehensible but at heart is sympathetic somehow."

Watch the video above for more from the cast on the finale as well as a potential forthcoming spin-off of the show. For more, check out ET Canada.

's series finale airs Sunday (Sept. 22) at 9 p.m. on Showtime.