My Day As A 'Scandal' Extra


Of all the crazy, sexy, cool things I've gotten to do as a result of my job, nothing has even come close to topping my day as an extra on Scandal!

If you've been living under a rock for the last two years (where the WiFi sucks, and therefore you can not follow me on Twitter), my passion for Scandal has been white hot since day one and grown exponentially with every intricate episode. So when ABC asked if I wanted to be an extra in a season three episode, I think my reaction shattered a few eardrums.

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EW's Sandra Gonzales,'s Natalie Abrams, TVGuide Magazine's Debra Birnbaum and I were assigned the performance-stretching task of playing reporters (we're so method!) covering a White House press conference given by none other than President Fitzgerald Grant!

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Now, while we are banned from repeating, reprinting or recreating (which is too bad because I do a top notch Tony Goldwyn impersonation) any portion of Fitz's speech, you should know that something comes out of his mouth that made all four of our jaws drop.

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Sadly, you'll have to wait for the October 10 episode to hear Fitz's bombshell for yourself, but in the meantime enjoy this sneak peek pic from Scandal’s second episode, titled Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!

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