Walter White's Underwear Is Up For Auction


For no less than $250, you can own the tighty whities actor Bryan Cranston wore in the first episode of Breaking Bad.
is auctioning off some of the set items, and the now iconic underwear are on the market. The description for Walt's underpants reads: "These may be the most iconic tighty whities in television.
Breaking Bad begins its run with Walter White wearing this pair of briefs. Throughout the series, Bryan Cranston's character appears in tighty-whiteys. This underwear, now on display at the Museum of Moving Images, is the pair Walt wore on the first episode of the Emmy-winning show."


Other Breaking Bad heirlooms up for bid include the actual wheelchair Tio Salamanca was in during the on-screen explosion, and his bell! The Hello Kitty burner phone given to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is also up for auction as well as Skyler White's (Anna Gunn) Jeep.

Breaking Bad
has just two episodes left in their series, and airs Sunday nights on AMC.