Norman Reedus: My Zombie Survival Guide

GQ Magazine

Norman Reedus: My Zombie Survival Guide

So far Daryl Dixon has easily survived The Walking Dead's zombie apocalypse, but would actor Norman Reedus be as lucky in real life? Judging from the 10 items he deems "essential" in this charming new video, I'm not so sure.

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Reedus is photographed, and interviewed, for the October issue of GQ and reveals his 10 essential items for surviving a zombie apocalypse. The list includes an espresso maker, a Roomba, a record player, a boob pillow and bunny slippers. Even Reedus admits he might not be well-suited for survival in a zombie apocalypse. "I'd probably go to a hotel and lock myself in the top [room] and watch South Park," he laughs.

Watch the video to find out the other 5 items Norman would require for the end of the world!

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