'Undercover Boss' Can't Operate Cash Register


Anthony Wedo has proven himself a successful businessman as the CEO of steak-buffet restaurant company Buffets, Inc., but he didn't have quite the same success when attempting to perform the daily duties inside those restaurants.

In our sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Undercover Boss, Wedo throws on a disguise and heads over to one Buffets, Inc.'s HomeTown Buffet restaurants to learn more about his restaurant franchise from the activity level.

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While "training" for his job as a cashier, Wedo comes to realize just how difficult a seemingly simple task like pushing button on a cash register can be.

He not only has to quickly learn the unfamiliar task but also deals with the pressure of a line that builds up as his unaware co-worker utters constant reminders to smile and be peppy.

Unfortunately for Wedo, his experience an employee doesn't get any better when it's time for him to wait tables, as he reveals his gauche social skills when trying to chat with the diners.

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The result? Two tables leave him no tip.

Watch the sneak peek above and check out the full episode of Undercover Boss Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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