Meet the Nurses of MTV's 'Scrubbing In'

Meet the Nurses of MTV's 'Scrubbing In'

MTV's new unscripted documentary Scrubbing In follows the lives of a group of travel nurses who take a short-term 12 week contract to work at an Orange County Hospital.

For some of the guys and girls, the experience is new and exciting, while some of the others are veterans when it comes to travel nursing.

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In this clip from the show, we get to see the whole gang. The last to arrive is Adrian, who reveals that he got into nursing only a short time ago.

He also opens up to the group about having lost his brother due to complications from a spinal cord injury, and it's that tragedy that drives him to be a good nurse.

Scrubbing In
, the intense and fascinating look at the lives of travel nurses working together in one hospital, premieres Thursday, October 24 at 10/9c on MTV.