Exclusive 'MasterChef' Finale: Dara Feels Faint


With the competition narrowed down to only two contestants vying for the $100,000 grand prize on MasterChef Junior, one of the young chefs can't handle the immense pressure and might not make it through the finale.

In ETonline's exclusive clip of Part 2 of MasterChef Junior's finale, 12-year-old finalist Dara doesn't seem to be able to cope with the pressure as she competes in the final cook-off between her and 13-year-old Alexander for $100,000 and the first-ever MasterChef Junior title and accompanying crystal trophy.

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With her shot at the grand prize contingent upon her cooking performance in the finale, tears begin to streak down the young chef's face and she begins to sweat profusely.

Then, with everyone cheering her on, Dara reveals to her competitor that she's lightheaded and feels like she's going to faint, which worries everyone in the room, including host and judge Gordon Ramsay.

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Watch the exclusive clip above to see the tense moment, and find out if Dara pulls through on the finale of MasterChef Junior Friday at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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