Bride VS Mother-In-Law on 'Say Yes to the Dress'


A wedding is all about the bride, but what happens when the bride's mother-in-law is a bit overbearing to say the least? This is a problem for one hopeful young woman who wants to be sexy on her wedding day, but her future-husband's mom is having none of it.

In this exclusive clip from Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, we get a glimpse of what happens when a young woman is too afraid of disappointing her mother-in-law to stand up to her, and have her wedding the way she has always dreamed.

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Will this young bride-to-be manage to get her way and get her future mom to see things her way? Or will she fold under the pressure of pleasing others? You'll have to watch to find out.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
kicks off its new season on Friday, November 8 at 9/9c on TLC.

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