'Long Island Medium' Makes A Touching Connection


Long Island Medium viewers might remember Joe Scicutella, a limo driver who Theresa Caputo was able to connect with his late grandfather. The charming Joe made an impact on Theresa thanks to his great sense of humor and friendly attitude, but unfortunately Joe passed away.

Now Theresa is connecting to his family in the latest episode of the hit TLC show, and ET caught up with the Scicutella family to hear about their experience with the "Long Island Medium" herself.

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Joe's wife Alexis says that Theresa was indeed able to connect with her late husband, and that Theresa reinforced the notion that Joe was "always with" her.

"It was kind of amazing the things she said, because, she got things pinpoint right and correct," Alexis tells ET. "The most thing I can say is that she validated the relationship that we had with my husband ... We know that he's around all the time. She just kind of validated that feeling that we have, everyday that we live -- that he is here."

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Check out the video to see a clip from Joe's episode as well as a clip from Sunday's brand-new episode featuring the Scicutella family, and to hear why the family feels Theresa "gives hope" for grieving people to go on.

Long Island Medium airs Sundays on TLC.