Exclusive 'BFE': Reverend Pities the Fool's Gold

Exclusive 'BFE': Reverend Pities the Fool's Gold

When one of the pastors on Best Funeral Ever dresses up as Mr. T for a Hollywood-themed home going, he gets a little too passionate about his costume. ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek.

On the next episode of Best Funeral Ever, the Golden Gate Funeral Home puts on a Hollywood-themed home going, for which Reverend Body dresses up as iconic actor Mr. T, which requires him to don a myriad of chains and a Mohawk wig.

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Reverend Body embraces his character perhaps a little too much and is very particular about the chains he wears. When one of the chains his co-workers offer him doesn't appear to be authentic enough, he snaps at Deborah, one of the funeral planners.

"If I'm going to be Mr. T, I got to look like Mr. T! You ain't gonna make me look like no fool! That's fool's gold, so I'm going to wear some real gold!" he says, enraged.

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Sounds like someone didn't want to be a victim of Mr. T's famous catchphrase.

Watch the exclusive sneak peek above and check out the full episode of Best Funeral Ever tonight at 10 p.m. on TLC.