Brian Griffin Returns To 'Family Guy'


Just three weeks after he was killed off the show, Brian the dog is back on Family Guy.

On the Nov. 25 episode, Brian Griffin, voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane, was put down and promptly replaced by a pup named Vinny, voiced by Sopranos star Tony Sirico. So, how did the dead dog make his return? Well, it involved a little time travel.

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Baby Stewie Griffin begins to miss his furry friend, and decides to build a time machine and travel back to when Brian was killed. Stewie tackles the dog and saves him from being hit by a car, exclaiming, "You're alive, my friend."

Brian bites back, "What the he** do you mean? Of course I'm alive."

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Attempting to explain, Stewie adds, "Brian, that car killed you and when it did a little part of me died as well. I couldn't live without you. So I came back from the future to save your life."

Brian expresses his gratitude to the baby, saying, "Wow Stewie, thank you for saving my life. ...You know a lot of other families would have just gotten a new dog and moved on."

"Oh, we could never do something like that Brian," Stewie replies.

Following the episode, MacFarlane tweeted:

Do you think Brian needed to return?