Terry on His Super Bowl Ad: It's Really My Voice!


Terry Bradshaw is gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday and ET's Rocsi Diaz caught up with the NFL commentator Thursday at FOX football headquarters in New York to get the lowdown on preps for the big game and to get his thoughts on filming the much-talked about Pepsi "halftime" commercial during the Grammys.

When Rocsi brought up the Pepsi ad -- a spectacularly produced spot that also features former NFL players Shannon Sharpe, Deion 'Prime Time' Sanders and ex-coach Mike Ditka -- Terry revealed that he was the only one of those performers to use his real voice.

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"Here's the only difference, that wasn't his voice," Terry said, when Rocsi points out that Sanders had made statements that he gave the best performance in the commercial. "That was my voice, I know it wasn't very good, but that was really my voice. And Shannon was good, but that wasn't his voice either."

Terry -- who has recorded and still performs as a country music artist -- also gave his thoughts on winning Super Bowl rings versus a possible Grammy Award. "Without the Super Bowl rings, I would have never had the chance to get a Grammy. Everything we athletes have acquired... and if you have won a Super Bowl, that has helped propel you into your next work."

Watch the video to also hear Rocsi give Terry a quiz about Super Bowl halftime show headliner Bruno Mars!

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