Tori Spelling Acknowledges Her Cheating Past on 'True Tori'


Tori Spelling gets real about her marital issues with husband Dean McDermott in this clip from next week's brand-new episode of True Tori, acknowledging that their relationship didn't exactly start in the healthiest way.

When chatting with her close friend Andy, Tori admits she hasn't dealt with Dean's admission to cheating on her, and Andy brings up the fact that Tori has been unfaithful as well -- she started dating Dean when she was still married to her first husband Charlie Shanian.

Video: How Tori Found About Husband's Cheating

"You know that people can make mistakes. You've made the same mistake in your first marriage," Andy tells Tori.

"Both of our marriages -- we were both married when we met," Tori interrupts. "[The day we met] we fell in love."

"Well you know, it could happen again," Andy points out to a clearly unhappy Tori.

Video: Dean -- Sex Life with Tori 'Wasn't Fantastic'

Check out the clip to hear how "forgiving" Tori feels she is towards Dean.

True Tori, a Lifetime docu-series which delves into the aftermath of Dean's cheating scandal, airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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