Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling Are Back ... But Not As Kelly and Donna


Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of the biggest shows in the '90s and made Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling household names almost instantly.

14 years after the show said goodbye, Tori and Jennie are teaming up again on the small screen in Mystery Girls, premiering on ABC Family June 25. 

So what’s it like to be working together again after all these years?

"It's the best job I've ever had," Garth told ET while we were on the set of Mystery Girls

While they play former detective TV show starlets Charlie and Holly, who have been brought back together to solve a real life mystery in Mystery Girls, we couldn't help but bring up a question from their old show.  Like, which male co-stars would they have chosen all these years later? Steve, Dylan, David, or Brandon? 

"Dylan," Tori said. 

"I would pick Steve, 'cause he can fight off sharks. Duh," Jennie joked. 

Check out this video to see Tori and Jennie back in action again!