Bring on the Drama ... 'Orange Is The New Black' is Back!


Orange is the New Black fans rejoice! The hit Netflix show is back and ET was with the cast at the season two premiere and got the scoop on what fans can expect to see with the show returns June 6.

"Piper is in a different situation than she's ever been in, the circumstances of her life are more extreme,” Taylor Schilling told ET about where we find her character at the start of the new season. “So she's finding new ways to cope and that's bringing out new sides of her."

Taylor’s co-star Laura Prepon is leaving the show after only a few episodes this season, but that still isn’t stopping her from chatting about what has made this show such a hit.

“Honestly, it's amazing,” Laura said. “When you're working on a project that you love you hope that people take to it the way that you have, and the fans really have."

While we will be saying goodbye to Laura’s character Alex Vause, we will be learning a bit more about the supporting characters and welcoming a few newcomers!

Check out the video to learn more of what you can expect when the show returns to Netflix with new episodes on June 6.