Go Behind the Scenes of 'CBS This Morning'


CBS This Morning has added the highest percentage of new viewers this year in the morning show wars and ET is bringing you behind the scenes.

"It's the best job in TV," Gayle King gushed.

Even the downsides are convenient for Gayle.

"You function on four to five hours of sleep and that's me," said Gayle. "I know that's not healthy, but that's my reality."

Co-anchor Norah O'Donnell seems to be on the other end of the sleep spectrum.

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"My best friend is the snooze button," Norah joked.

"The first person I usually see in the morning is Gayle," Norah continued. "We share that makeup room together."

Executive producer Chris Licht provides balance to the program, making sure the high stress of the job doesn't affect his anchors.

"The key right now is to have -- even if things are intense -- to have calmness," said Licht. "That's my job -- to pretend that everything is fine even when it's not."

Watch the video for more.