'MasterChef Junior' Winner Talks Gordon Ramsay & Demos Favorite Dessert Recipe!


MasterChef Junior's reigning champion Alexander Weiss shows us how to perfect one of his favorite macaron recipes and also talks about his next gig aboard the MasterChef Cruise and what Chef Gordon Ramsey is really like when the cameras aren't rolling.

"People think he must be the most angry chef on TV and in the kitchen but he's a really humble guy," Alexander says of the notoriously hot-headed celebrity chef. "If you take his criticism not as personally and more as constructive criticism then it's for your own good."

Alexander went from average 13 year-old New Yorker to famous prodigy in the kitchen as the winner of the first American season of MasterChef Junior. But his cooking journey began long ago making mostly desserts with his mom when he was a little kid.

"She brought me into the kitchen and I eventually got into it baking cookies and cupcakes with her," he shares. "As I got older I got interested in [cooking] and so I started doing my own things."

One of the first things Alexander taught himself to make on his own were macrons which would eventually work in his favor when he appeared on MasterChef. He quickly became the show's front-runner when he made perfect pistachio macarons in the first episode.

Now 14 years-old,  Alexander is prepping for his next big gig aboard the first-everMasterChef Cruise, a culinary cruise event which features a star-studded line up of the show's most celebrated contestants including Season 3 champ Christine Ha.

Watch the video to learn how to make a delicious espresso macaron from the kid chef himself!

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