EXCLUSIVE! Rosie O'Donnell Spills on Her Fiery Return to 'The Fosters'-Watch!


Spoiler Alert: Rosie O'Donnell is pretty much a badass.

If you happened to catch Monday night's episode of The Fosters, than you witnessed one seriously explosive hour of TV!

In "Girls Reunited," Rosie O'Donnell returned to reprise her fan-favorite role as foster care worker Rita Hendricks, and was welcomed back to The Fosters' set with a fiery challenge. In the last ten minutes of the episode, Callie's former group home went up in flames and it was up to Rita to save the day—or should we say night.

To further satisfy your Fosters' fix, ETonline has your exclusive look behind-the-scenes of Monday night's adrenaline-pumping scene and, get this—Rosie was the one who had to face the flames!

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"I was very surprised when I read the script and it said I was going to save somebody from a burning fire," The new View host spilled to the camera. "I thought, 'Wow that [poor] stunt person, and then they fitted me for flame retardant long johns to go under my [clothes] and I thought, 'Wait a minute! Am I actually getting near the fire?' and they were like, 'Yeah, you are.'"

Take a look at our exclusive featurette above to find out all of the behind-the-scenes secrets from Monday night's episode, plus find out of Rosie will return to The Fosters later this season!

The Fosters
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