'Bad Judge' Review: We Wouldn't Judge You If You Skipped This Show


Every TV fan knows that Fall is the most overwhelming season of the year. Why? One very simple reason: Too many shows and too little time. So we at ETonline are reviewing each and every one of the new fall TV shows to bring you our reviews on the good, the bad, the adorable and the just plain horrible.

Bad Judge

When It Airs:
Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

The Biggest Stars: 
Executive produced by the Anchorman duo of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, Bad Judge stars Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice alum Kate Walsh as judge Rebecca Wright.

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Here's What You Need to Know:
Bad Judge is centered on (you guessed it!) a judge who has sex in her chambers, shows up to work hung over, and generally behaves like a college sophomore on spring break. Let it be known that we adore Kate Walsh. She's a talented actress, a charming human being, and she brought to life one of our all-time favorite characters in FX's smash series Fargo. So you can imagine why we are scratching our heads as to why this incredible woman would take the lead in such an awful comedy.

Don’t get us wrong, Walsh's performance as the "honorable" Rebecca Wright is not atrocious, but the series definitely feels like it's a man trying to write in the voice of a woman, who has the personality of a man—and based on the evidence that we've seen, it just doesn't work.

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If You Like…
CBS' failed comedy Bad Teacher, and ever wonder what would happen if Grey's Anatomy's Addison Montgomery had a gavel and was suddenly the absolutely worst, then you should tune into Bad Judge.

Our Review in .GIF Form:

Bottom Line: 
We really wanted to like Bad Judge because we've never met a Kate Walsh character that we didn't instantaneously love. However, this series is just not that funny. Fingers crossed it will improve, but we say there are plenty of other amazing Thursday night series you could be watching instead.

Are you going to tune in to Bad Judge? Sound off with your favorite fall picks in the comments below!

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