Norman Reedus Reveals 'Walking Dead' Secrets -- Is Daryl Gay?


The Walking Dead's Norman Reedusstopped by the ET set, revealing show secrets -- and prompting one big question. Could his character, Daryl Dixon, be gay?

When ET's Kevin Frazier asked about speculation concerning Dixon's sexual orientation, he responded coyly "Whatever that decision is I want to play it as real as possible," he said. "When a boy meets a girl it's usually very awkward." Regardless of who a love interest might be, Norman said, "I would like to play the awkwardness up as much as possible."

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Norman also discussed his favorite zombie kills on the show, but promised we haven't seen the best yet. "There's some kills coming up this season that are amazing," he said.

Norman found himself in a dangerous situation in real life when he got into a traffic accident with an 18-wheeler in Berlin in 2005, leaving him with a titanium eye socket.

"When that happened, I thought I was not going to act again," said Norman.

Fortunately his career did continue, but even with all the fans Walking Dead has gotten him, there's one person who's not impressed -- his 14-year-old son Mingus.

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"He wants to be a director now, but he analyzes the episodes and tells me what I did wrong," said Norman.

When he's not fighting zombies, Norman cleans up nice. He even made the cover of GQ, which Norman called "an honor."

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