The 'Long Island Medium' Helps Sisters Reconnect With Their Late Mother


Psychic medium Theresa Caputo has taken her show on the road, and brought her supernatural gift to Washington, DC, where she surprises unsuspecting viewers with special readings.

On Long Island Medium, Theresa has the unique ability to communicate with those who have passed over to the other side. And she uses that gift to reconnect the living with the loved ones they've lost in an attempt to provide closure and begin the healing process.

VIDEO: Long Island Medium Brings Brooke to Tears

In this upcoming episode, Theresa manages to connect a group of sisters with their deceased mother and father. And it's clear that if any of the sisters had their doubts about Theresa's claims before, they certainly don't now.

Right off the bat, Theresa tells the sisters, "I saw your mother walking the hallway… and she's telling your father to stay back, 'cause he stinks!"

VIDEO: Theresa Caputo’s Revealing Couple’s Quiz

As it turns out, their father used to be a fisherman, and he used to come home smelling like fish, which the mom hated. And that's just the beginning of Theresa's startling reading!
Check out the clip to see Theresa and her special ability in action.

This episode of Long Island Medium airs Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c on TLC.

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