Does Watching Infidelity on TV Hurt Your Marriage?


We're taking a look at the new Showtime series The Affair and the increase of infidelity seen on TV. From How to Get Away with Murder to The Good Wife to Scandal and Mad Men, it seems to be all the rage for America's most popular shows.

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"I think everybody knows this is fantasy," said Dr. Phil, denying that TV has any real power to sway people to cheat. "To suggest that someone sees this on television and goes, 'Oh, well I think I'll go do that,' it's so far out on the edge."

Still, shows that feature affairs do seem to attract eyeballs, so what makes it so intriguing?

"Television makes everything sexy and glamorous," said Dr. Phil. "In real life there's no music track that rolls in the end and you fade to commercial. No, you're left with the reality of your choices. That's not the case always on television."

Watch the video for clips from The Affair, starring Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. The Affair premieres Sunday night at 10 ET/PT on Showtime.