Hoarding Food Can Be a Treacherous Move On 'Survivor'


On Survivor
, you have to do whatever it takes to keep your wits about you and make it through the trials and challenges of living in the wild. However, sometimes you have to remember not to make everyone hate you, or it could come back to bite you.

In this exclusive clip from Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Julie -- girlfriend of former baseball player and fellow Survivor contestant John Rocker -- has been hoarding trail mix and food to keep for herself or to share with those she likes. This doesn't sit well with the other starving contestants.

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Of course, they don't know that it's Julie who has been storing the food away, but when she decided to catch some rays on the beach, the other survivors go rummaging through her bag and find her hidden stash.

It looks like things are about to get heated on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.

Check out this confrontational episode on Wednesday, November 5 at 8/7c on CBS.